My oldest came home with a paper from school that talked a reading program that all students should participate in. The basis of the program is that each student needs to read a book with their parent and at the end of the session, the student needs to do a book report. Now, my daughter […]

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One of the difficult lessons we learn as we get older is that life has very few guarantees. The New Radicals would have us believe the simple formula that we get what we give, but all too often our efforts end in disappointment. We spend countless hours working to further our careers, yet promotions and […]

I’ll admit, a lot of crazy thoughts went through my head when my wife was in labor with our kids. I was panicked, terrified, proud, excited, moody and calm – at once. But one thing I wasn’t feeling was randy … and certainly not toward any of the nurses. So, without further ado, I present […]

Why doesn’t my daughter want me to read her a story at bedtime? Oh, cause mommy exists. Ah.