It’s all over the Internet. There are studies here and there and way over there about the Nielsen Power Moms (link opens PowerPoint) and influence of women in social media. Those are just studies and research. Let me show you and prove to you why today’s dads are the real online power brokers. Back in […]

I love my wife, I really do. But she’s a cat chick. Not the kind of cat chick that was destined to turn into a cat lady, just a chick that liked her Joni Mitchell, a cup of hot tea and a cat on her lap while she read some John Updike. I was able […]

Grey’s Anatomy is on, again. And thank God there’s a baseball game I can watch in the bedroom. Now I’m not saying Grey’s is a bad show, which it is (just awful). I’m not saying I don’t get the love for McDreamy, which I don’t (didn’t he play the pizza delivery guy/gigolo in that horrible […]

My son talks openly about his girlfriend, his love for her, his kissing of her, her hugs to him and, yes, even how they “sleep” together. That’s the good news. The bad news: My son is 3. And his girlfriend just turned 4. Yes, toddler love is alive and well on a daily basis at […]

Husbands, particularly fathers, can be a pretty gullible lot some days. We fall for the silly things: No matter how tired or late for work you are, the line “Daddy, wanna play catch?” will always stop us in our tracks; We won’t turn off “Field of Dreams” at the end; We’ll always choose pizza over […]

Words matter. An old newspaper editor taught me that. Well, probably my Mom taught me that. But the editor hammered it home one night when I wrote that a firefighter aroused someone in their burning home rather than writing they were roused. Words matter even more when talking to kids, as my wife and I […]