Today was my daughter Molly’s last day of kindergarten. About 10 weeks from now she’ll officially start 1st grade, but until then she’s completely free (minus a couple of fun summer camps). When she arrived home today I asked her how it felt to be done with school and starting her time off. “Good”, she […]

I spent one of my college summers working at a family resort in my hometown. This resort had some unique offerings that attracted visitors from around the U.S. & Canada despite its remote location. It provided a wide variety of kids’ programs so that parents could go off and do their own thing while their […]

After 92 years on the planet, my grandfather is far from a spring chicken. In the old days when I’d visit his house and we heard the sound of a distant train horn, he’d scoop me up and rush me out to the car so we could make it to the nearby station in time […]

The famous nursery rhyme What Are Little Boys Made Of? ends like this: “What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice And all that’s nice, That’s what little girls are made of.” For the most part my girls fit this image to a tee. They love to dress up in pretty outfits for holidays. […]

I’m not a big fan of yard work. Those that are have issues, deep seeded, weird, alien-type issues. The one thing I do like to do yearly is rake the leaves — mostly because I can make a big pile of them and let the kids dive into them. Being that I’m a part-time photographer […]

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