When Jackie Chan gets drunk in Drunken Master, he becomes a better fighter. So do I! But only in my own mind…. One of several absolutely classic Jackie clips.

One of my favorite tropes of the blaxploitation era was the black guy that’s awesome at martial arts, and the king of that smooth was Jim Kelly. An excerpt from Kelly’s classic, Black Belt Jones. Warning – some strong language. And much ass kickery!!

A gorgeous movie front to back. Jet Li and Donnie Yen in a scene from a great, modern kung fu movie.

No, actually, I couldn’t find it. But this traier should remind you why this is one of the best cops and robbers buddy movies of all time, in large part because of the chemistry between these two and the fast, fun pace of the storytelling. Classic.

Wait for it. The anticipation is maddening. And then…. go back and watch it again to see how he did it. An ending from one of the great films of Akira Kurasawa starring the incomparable Toshiro Mifune (also seen in the Fight Scene Friday series in Red Sun).

This one is dear to my heart not because I love the Pink Panther movies, although they are great, but because I am constantly reminded of this gag at home. You see, I encourage roughhousing with my kids, and my oldest son, six years old, who, like me, loves kung fu movies and super heroes, […]

I’m a huge James Bond fan. Of the films, my favorite is From Russia, With Love, in no small part because it contains one of the best movie fights of all time. (Everything else about the movie is great, too, including my adolescent crush Daniella Bianchi.) Classic right here, and one of the reasons I […]

St. Pat’s was last week so it only makes sense to show a clip or two from this great John Ford movie about an Irish-American boxer that moves to the Emerald Isle, fleeing his pugilistic sin of having killed a man in the sport. But the conflict he seeks to evade rears its head in […]

Sorry, Carlo, you had this coming. Too bad it ended for Sonny on the Causeway. BTW, check out this Sonny tribute vid. See if you find it as funny/weird as I do!

I originally went looking for the fight scene in Bourne’s apartment, you know the one, but came across this nice little montage.

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