So my kid is good at art. And when I say good, I mean really good. I’m not bragging (at least not much), but when I post his stuff on Facebook or show others who come to the house, they are really, really astounded at his talent. He’s six and you can judge him yourself […]

I’m wearing a beard these days, and I’m not alone. Maybe its a figment of my imagination, or simply recognition that I am now part of a large, hirsute fraternity, but i’m suddenly  noticing beards popping up on guys all over. A-list celebrities like George Clooney, Adrian Brody, Bradd Pitt and Tobey McGuire sporting them. […]

To paraphrase Chris Rock “they don’t grade life decisions, but if you have the chairman of an adult video company telling you that you’ve got some hot clips and that he wants to do business, you ****ed up.” But what can parents do to help their kids avoid former Miss California Carrie Prejean’s dilemma? A good grounding in the new Birds and Bees, including thinking twice about what you send out in an e-mail, SMS or Facebook post — and no pictures, please!

Back when I was growing up in the 1970′s, pumpkin carving was a fairly straight forward: you cut a hole at the top, scoop the guts out, carve two triangle eyes, a triangle nose and a toothy grin and you’re done. Now the Internet brings to my doorstep all manner of variations on the toothy triangle face: a Che Guevara-faced pumpkin and a naughty pumpkin, giant squids. There are all manner of puking pumpkins — an idea so obvious and funny that I’m ashamed that it never occurred to me. No surprise, then, that these pumpkin carving Mozarts leave earth bound mortals like myself end up feeling like Salieri by comparison.

Words matter. An old newspaper editor taught me that. Well, probably my Mom taught me that. But the editor hammered it home one night when I wrote that a firefighter aroused someone in their burning home rather than writing they were roused. Words matter even more when talking to kids, as my wife and I […]

When you have kids, your main goal in life is to not screw up theirs and if you can sprinkle in some wisdom, college tuition and the car keys from time to time, you’re golden. However, in my household, I am the king of useless information that can make or break a day, a week, […]

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I am the oldest of two kids. This month, I’ll be seven years deep in marriage and my wife and I have two kids. My closest comrade is my younger brother; five years younger to be exact. Today he’ll be experiencing what I have experienced two times over — fatherhood. In honor of my little […]

Dad | Husband | Digital PR lead at @SchneiderPR | Executive Editor of @Technorati | Writer | Photographer | Bostonian | Sports nut | Tech geek | Craft beer fan