Every Other Thursday is a group Dad blog that talks about stuff we experience as Dads. Like any man who wants to provide for his family, we offer advertising on the site in the form of Google ads as well as affiliate links. Basically if we like something and link to it it goes through a third party that tracks if you buy said product or service. If so, we get a small commission from it. We are always giving our honest opinions about products, companies, etc and will disclose any relationship we may have to said company in the post. Also, we do not accept payments to write about stuff. Period.

We will accept pitches from PR firms and are willing to do programs with you provided it’s in line with our site. We will always disclose to our readers that we’re working with a firm or brand and if there is payment, product, services or access received in exchange for our writing services, travel, etc. Please write to any of us directly if you’re interested in working with a particular blogger, or dave [at] everyotherthursday [dot com] if you’re interested in working with the entire or larger group. That being said, we will never blatantly shill press releases to our readers and will blacklist you if you spam us.

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