After 92 years on the planet, my grandfather is far from a spring chicken. In the old days when I’d visit his house and we heard the sound of a distant train horn, he’d scoop me up and rush me out to the car so we could make it to the nearby station in time […]

The annual family gathering for turkey consumption has come and gone, and as expected it was a mix of the Griswald‘s Vacation and the Cleavers. One the things I enjoy most about the Thanksgiving weekend, as well as spending time with the family, is the sports. There is no better time to be a sports […]

My wife, Amy, and I are in our early 40s. (I’m 42 as of some date in September, and she’ll catch up to me in January.) In many ways, we’ve been fortunate when it comes to our parents. My dad died Nov. 5, 2005, and, though he fought a lot of battles with cancer before […]