Me: “Hey hon, do we like Citizen Cope?” My wife: “I do.” Me: “What that the group of fat guys from Tennessee?” My wife: “No, you’re thinking of someone else.” Me: “But we watched them on YouTube that one time. Remember?” My wife: “No.” [clicks over to YouTube, checks Search History only to find that […]

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It’s that time of year. The back-to-school season is upon us and families are getting back into their normal routines after the carefree days of summer. No doubt you’re seeing your inbox and Facebook stream filling up with images of kids waiting for the bus or walking into school for that first day. Last Wednesday […]

I love watching kids be creative. Here’s my youngest, who is playing Pac Man on the iPad. She calls it the bubble game. Not sure where she got that — maybe from the dots on the screen. I love the part when she gets eaten by a ghost and she think she wins. How do […]

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When Jackie Chan gets drunk in Drunken Master, he becomes a better fighter. So do I! But only in my own mind…. One of several absolutely classic Jackie clips.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, there are a zillion things out there to get for your favorite man of the house. One of the questions is what do you get the dad that has everything? It’s always a tough one to answer. When it comes to my “needs” for Fathers Day, I literally […]

Dad | Husband | Digital PR lead at @SchneiderPR | Executive Editor of @Technorati | Writer | Photographer | Bostonian | Sports nut | Tech geek | Craft beer fan

One of my favorite tropes of the blaxploitation era was the black guy that’s awesome at martial arts, and the king of that smooth was Jim Kelly. An excerpt from Kelly’s classic, Black Belt Jones. Warning – some strong language. And much ass kickery!!

A gorgeous movie front to back. Jet Li and Donnie Yen in a scene from a great, modern kung fu movie.

Welcome to the Every Other Thursday podcast! Episode #1: The Pussification of Man In this episode we yap about the pussification of man; the 22 year old high school hoops star; debate what professional playoffs are best; and cover a handful of man rules to live and die by. EoT Podcast Episode #1 (Right click […]

No, actually, I couldn’t find it. But this traier should remind you why this is one of the best cops and robbers buddy movies of all time, in large part because of the chemistry between these two and the fast, fun pace of the storytelling. Classic.

Wait for it. The anticipation is maddening. And then…. go back and watch it again to see how he did it. An ending from one of the great films of Akira Kurasawa starring the incomparable Toshiro Mifune (also seen in the Fight Scene Friday series in Red Sun).

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