Guys are simple creatures. As dads, we try to keep that simplicity in check. However, when kids come into play, life gets slightly more complicated.

Authored by a group of former journalists, social media geeks and PR/marketing vets, Every Other Thursday (EoT) is a blog that’ll share our experiences as we navigate the big blue ocean otherwise known as fatherhood. You can expect a lot of humor (dry, dumb and crass); some bitching and moaning (not aimed at our wives of course); reviews of the latest tech gear that helps us capture the wonders of ruling the kingdom; chest pounding, trash talking sports yapping (from the side lines of our kids soccer/baseball games); DIY stuff (home improvement, tech, zone defense kid watching, etc.); and much, much more.

We encourage you (that includes dads, dads to be and even moms) to share your experiences with us. And oh yea, if you have something to pitch, fire away. Check out the authors page to contact any of our bloggers with your story ideas or send a generic pitch the editor-in-chief at You can also hit us up on Twitter @EOTblog.

Thanks for stopping by. And in case you’re wondering what “Every Other Thursday” means – let’s just say we know sex (or the lack thereof) is a touchy subject…this blog is about all of the things that happen in between those Thursdays.

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