The National Football league history fascinates me for some reason. I saw a tweet this morning with the history of each team’s name and had to click, and what I found was a bit surprising. Some teams are named by fan vote, others after their owners, some by sports writers and some based on proximity to airports. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite and least favorite team names by their origin:

Best team name: New Orleans Saints

The team was named on All Saints Day and the infamous “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In” make this team name a winner. Add in a French fleur de lis and you have the total package: It’s local, it’s relevant to the city’s history and it’s unique.


Best team name that came from a legend: Buffalo Bills

There aren’t any buffalo roaming the plains of Buffalo, but Buffalo Bill’s legend is well known. And while the team bears no semblance to the Wild West or the 4,280 buffalo William F. Cody claims to have killed, the name works even though the buffalo on their logo should probably have its eyes X’ed out.

Worst team name: New York Jets

Yes, Madison Avenue has cooked up some of the most creative things we’ve ¬†witnessed in advertising. And while the Jets and Namath are legendary, when it comes to New York creativity they clearly outsourced this gig to Jersey. The Jets were named because it sounds like the Mets and they’re close to LaGuardia airport. No, they don’t make planes in New York. No, it’s not considered the birthplace of flight.

Worst team name submitted by fans that was chosen for another reason: San Diego Chargers

Did you know that the Chargers were named by a resident of Hollywood? It’s true, and he won a vacation for submitting the winning entry. This would be enough to earn a pass (or a huge “win” if social media had been around back then) but we’ve also found that the Chargers name stuck because the team had a horsie on their stationery and the team owner was the founder of the Carte Blanche card. Get it? You can charge your credit card! Hilarious! Marketing! Win! Or not.

What do you think? Which team name is your least favorite?

Source: Football Happenings


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