One of the great, overlooked fight scenes in the history of cinema is the “bullying” sequence from 1941′s How Green Was My Valley. This is a fantastic John Ford movie about Welsh coal miners and the triumphs and trials they face. In this scene, Huw attends school, the first of his family to do so – and meets with the local bully. When Huw gets whipped his dad enrolls the village tough – Dai Bando – to school Huw in a different subject; ass whuppin’, Welsh style! Not only does Dai Bando teach Huw the fine art of fisticuffs, but the old publican has a final lesson for a nasty schoolmaster. I once had the pleasure of asking a real Welshman if he knew Dai Bando. He said there’s a Dai Bando in every village.

Longish, but well worth the watch. I’m thinking to make this a regular feature of EoT: Fight Scene Friday! Got a nomination? Send it our way!

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